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SUSE engineers work closely with open source community members to build and refine the technologies that enable you to innovate everywhere.

From operating systems to developer automation tooling, from container runtimes to Kubernetes management platforms, we leverage these projects to create fully supported, open solutions that address the challenges of today’s hybrid cloud, cloud-native, and edge environments.

Featured Projects

Rancher Desktop logo

Kubernetes on your desktop.

Harvester logo

Open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software.

Kubewarden logo

Kubernetes admission control using WebAssembly (WASM).

Hypper logo

A dependency-aware package manager built on Helm.

Epinio logo

An opinionated platform that runs on Kubernetes and takes you from code to URL in one step.

Opni logo

AI/ML-driven anomaly detection for Kubernetes.

Uyuni logo

The best tool to deploy and manage your enterprise Linux infrastructure, powered by Salt and Ansible

Trento logo

An open cloud-native web console to manage OS-related tasks for SAP applications.

Longhorn logo

Cloud-Native distributed block storage built on and for Kubernetes.

All Projects

Project name Project website Category
aliyun-img-utils Operations
Aquarium Storage
AutoK3s Operations
azuremetadata Operations
blue-horizon Development
Cavil Development
Combustion Operations
ComplianceAsCode Security
cscreen Operations
ec2metadata Operations
ec2imgutils Operations
Epinio Development
Fleet Operations
gcemetadata Operations
gceimgutils Operations
gfxboot Operations
Harvester Infrastructure
HobbyFarm Education
hwinfo Operations
Hypper Operations
img-proof Development
Jangouts Infrastructure
jeos-firstboot Operating Systems
K3OS Operating Systems
K3S Kubernetes
kanku Development
keg Development
kim Kubernetes
kiwi Development
klp-ccp Development
Kubewarden Security
Kubic Operating Systems
kucero Security
libeconf Development
libpulp Development
libsolv Development
libstorage-ng Storage
Longhorn Storage
mash Development
mash-client Development
MirrorCache Infrastructure
obsgit Development
Open Build Service Development
Open Build Service Connector Development
openQA Development
openSUSE Leap Operating Systems
openSUSE MicroOS Operating Systems
openSUSE Tumbleweed Operating Systems
Opni Operations
Phoebe AI/ML
public-cloud-info-service Infrastructure
Prometheus Webhook SNMP Networking
Rancher Operations
Rancher Desktop Operations
Rio Development
RKE Kubernetes
RKE Government Kubernetes
Repository Mirroring Tool (RMT) Operations
service-access-config Operations
Snapper Operations
Submariner Networking
supportutils Operations
transactional-update Operations
Trento Operations
Uyuni Operations
venvjail Development
vhostmd Infrastructure
RKE Cluster Linter for VS Code Operations
wicked Networking
wins Kubernetes
Yomi Operations
Zypper Operations

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